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Jan, 2022

Does Physical Therapy Work? How Does It Help?

The short answer is yes! Decades of research find physical therapy can help you recover more quickly from injuries, improve chronic conditions, manage age-related issues, improve athletic performance, and recover from surgery. In fact, physical therapy may help you avoid surgery altogether. Results of a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found no difference in patient outcomes between those who had surgery for lumbar spinal stenosis and those ...



Jan, 2022

7 Key Benefits of Physical Therapy for Athletes

Athletes of all ages, shapes, and sizes can experience injuries and get hurt. Whether they’re in practice, training, or learning a new skill, professional athletes and young adults, and emerging youth athletes are often injured populations due to the high stress and demands placed upon the body. After getting hurt, athletes must rehabilitate the injury and condition their bodies to prevent re-injury. This is where an advanced physical therapist who ...



Dec, 2021

Core Stabilization Exercises For Low Back Pain

Core stabilization exercises are an effective way to treat low back pain. In addition to being able to reduce the intensity of your pain, core stabilization exercises can help you strengthen the muscles around your lower spine and pelvis while also reducing the risk of further injury. These exercises can also help enhance your balance, stability, and endurance. Performing these exercises regularly can help improve the coordination between the muscles ...

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