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What Role Does Gait Analysis Play in Physical Therapy?

Your gait is the movement pattern and cycle of support your body relies upon as you propel yourself forward. The process involves strength, sensation, muscle balance, and coordination, while one foot is in contact with the ground and the other foot swings forward in a rhythmic motion. The typical adult gait cycle consists of stance, push-off, swing, and heel strike. Injury, underlying conditions, muscle weakness, or problems with the legs ...


How Does Core Stability Improve Performance?

The core is the center and foundation of your body. It consists of deep muscle groups in the torso, including the abdominals, back, obliques, and pelvic floor. Shoulder, hips, and neck muscles work with core muscles to support and stabilize the spine and pelvis. What is Core Stability? Although many use the phrases “core stability” and “core strength” interchangeably, there are key differences. Core stability refers to your ability to ...


Is Physical Therapy Effective After Ankle Surgery?

About two million Americans injure their ankles each year, suffering sprains, tears, fractures, and other damage. Although people of any age or activity level may incur an ankle injury, it is one of the most diagnosed injuries that occur when people play a sport. The ankle is a major weight-bearing joint, making it susceptible to injury. Movements like jumping, running, sudden stops and starts, and pivots while supporting weight can ...

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