A Happy Employee

is a productive employee

We at Athletic PT understand the importance of healthy work-life balance. Overwork and stress not only endanger mental health but also physical health. A better work-life balance increases productivity, improves concentration, and enhances employee engagement, leading to improved patient outcomes and reduction in burnout.

Benefits of Working With Us

Knowledge is a vast ocean. The deeper you dive, the more enriched you are.

Our career advancement program helps you climb the ladder of holistic job satisfaction and elevates your knowledge and skill set to the next level.

A Well-Trained Employee is a Strong Asset

Our ARC Progression method is designed to move you from a novice to a skilled therapist and accelerate your professional growth curve by providing training from refined professionals.

A happy employee is a productive employee.

At Athletic PT, we truly believe in a healthy work-life balance. That’s why we give you a comprehensive work experience that increases productivity and reduces burnout.

If you are the best, we take care of the rest.

If you are a highly self-motivated practitioner who is passionate about your work and eager to learn and grow, we offer the best compensation package in the industry to keep you motivated and help with your career advancement.


Learn the ARC Method

Staff at Athletic PT learn the proprietary Active Rehabilitation Continuum (ARC) Progression to help clients achieve their physical therapy goals in the shortest amount of time possible. Find out how you can add this one-of-a-kind methodology to your skillset by joining our team. Learn more about ARC >


A Well-Trained Employee is a Strong Asset

At Athletic PT, we believe that an effective working relationship between therapist and patient is a key factor in positive treatment outcomes.

A therapist’s expertise includes their ability to understand the patients’ needs and explain the necessity and importance of the therapeutic process.

Learn more about Physical Therapy Mentorship >

Along with excellent manual therapy and corrective exercise skills, it is important for therapists to be active listeners, empathetic, friendly, and trustworthy to establish patient confidence.
That’s why at Athletic PT we ensure that your schedule is not overbooked. We schedule treatment with you and the patient in mind to maximize the benefit of each treatment.

Your Future at Athletic PT.

Athletic PT is dedicated to delivering work-life balance for our therapists. We offer various benefits and programs as we believe a well-adjusted therapist leads to faster recovery in patients.