These are just a few of the success stories from our patients

Success Stories

Scott Rice
MLB Pitcher

“After I had surgery my doctor recommended Athletic PT. I've tried several physical therapy clinics in the area but none compare to the knowledge and service that Athletic PT provides. They were able to tailor my rehab program to fit my goals and helped me transition into my off-season workouts pain free. I would highly recommend Athletic PT.”

Todd Zeile

"Last season, I had an elbow injury which limited my swing and hampered my throwing. During the off-season, I underwent surgery to remove bone chips and aggressive therapy. The combination of hands-on-treatment, progressive throwing protocol, and upper body plyometric exercises have enabled me to swing and throw without limitations or pain. Thanks to Athletic Physical Therapy, I'm looking forward to more years in the Majors."

Mike Scioscia
Angels Coach

"Following arthroscopic surgery, the team doctor referred me to Athletic PT for rehab. I believe that the clinical expertise of the staff really helped me recover faster and completely. My knee now feels 100% better. I am able to run, squat and even better, I was able to return to my off-season golf game in just 3 weeks!"

Eric Kramer
Bears Quaterback

"After an 11 year NFL career, my neck finally gave out and required extensive surgery. That's when I met Steve Clark at Athletic Physical Therapy. I can't say enough about their organization: top notch! Their hands-on treatment and exercise programs have helped me recover faster than I thought possible. Instead of being tackled by 300 lbs lineman, I can look forward to playing with my kids and working on my golf game... pain free!"

Brian Bosworth
Seattle Seahawks

"I've had 23 surgeries since playing football and I've done my fair share of rehabilitation. Athletic Physical Therapy is a step ahead of the game and I can't thank them enough for helping me with my knee and my back. If you're looking for a specialized PT clinic that understands sports medicine, then I highly recommend you talk to these guys!!!"

Skip Hicks

"Six weeks before the NFL combines, I couldn't run more than 800 yards due to back pain. After receiving treatment from Steve Clark, I was able to compete pain-free in the NFL combines and was the 67th player selected in the 1998 NFL draft."

Marla O'Hara
Pro Volleyball

"The pain in my lower back was so bad that I had to stop competing and training for Pro Beach Volleyball events. I was diagnosed with three herniated discs in my low back. I wanted to avoid surgery at all costs and get back to playing my favorite sport for the upcoming season so my doctor sent me to the best: Athletic PT. Their hands-on treatment techniques coupled with aggressive spinal stabilization exercises not only reduced my back pain, but also helped me regain lost flexibility, strength and power. Thanks to Athletic PT, I have regained my confidence and I'm ready to return to the sand and compete in the upcoming Pro Beach Volleyball tour!"

Zach Fleishman
APT Professional

"Last year I suffered a devastating injury resulting from a mountain biking accident. After a major shoulder surgery, I had three screws inserted and was unsure if I would be 100% ever again. I found my way to Athletic PT upon hearing about their specialty in treating world class athletes. Through their patience, structured regimen, and unparalled expertise, I found myself back on center court pain free in my very first tournament back. I am now close to starting the new year at the Australian Open, where I will be competing against the world's best. Only 6 months out of therapy I am healthier and stronger than before my injury thanks to Athletic PT."

Fabio Leopoldo
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

"I have a lot experience in going to PT because I've been doing professional sports for more the 17 years. I was impressed when I attended Athletic Physical Therapy, this place they mix all the ultimate techniques for my recuperation. I love to be there. It is a really nice environment and all those professional are really cool. They made me feel strong when I won my last tournament after I injured my shoulder."

Jason Bittner
Grammy Nominated Drummer

"After years of being "misdiagnosed" with arm/shoulder issues, the staff at Athletic Physical Therapy has finally gotten to the root of my problem, and has been able to point me in the right direction towards recovery. Athletic Physical Therapy has devised the proper rehabilitation program that deals with what I do for a living - and that's playing drums. The staff is well versed in treating these types of injuries, as well as giving the client information on how they can manage their own personal situations on their own. Thanks again!!"

Gregg Bissonette
Professional Drummer

"Thanks for the physical therapy on my elbow. The aggressive therapy really helped me to play long sessions and get back to top performance."

Shane Gaalaas
Professional Drummer

“" was unable to raise my arm over my head and had to avoid surgery at all costs. I needed to find the best rehab facility that could get me back into playing shape FAST! Athletic PT transformed what then seemed like a dire situation, into me playing at the highest level of my professional career. Within two months of injury, I was pounding out a grueling 2.5 hour show in front of "SOLD OUT" stadiums virtually pain free- with no cortisone! They implemented a specific rehab/workout routine for me that I was able to use on the road... and it saved my @ss!!"

Rich Rodriguez
Pitcher - Texas Rangers

"After undergoing surgery to repair an artery in my throwing arm, I went to Athletic PT to rehab my arm and maintain my arm and endurance. Their equipment and knowledge are amazing. Over the past 6 weeks, I haven't missed a step. I am now prepared to begin my pitching program back in Texas. I feel like I could have pitched yesterday...thanks for everything!"

Tyler Johnson
Pitcher - St. Louis Cardinals

"Athletic PT's training program is top notch. The manual stretching and preseason throwing & strengthening program we did were awesome! I'm feeling even more confident entering into spring training this time. I need to get back & see you guys even earlier next preseason. Thanks for all your help!"

Rob Turner
LA Avengers

"A nagging knee injury slowed me down at the end of the 2006 arena football season. The pain continued well into the off- season and has limited my ability to run, jump and make cuts. The team at Athletic PT helped reduce the pain and progressed me back to my off-season strength and conditioning program. Without pain or restrictions, I've been able to take my speed and strength training to a whole new level. I'm now looking forward to a BIG 2007 season."

Jason Leopoldo
US Beach Soccer

"After tearing my meniscus in a couple places a month before the Beach Soccer World Cup, I felt like my chances of competing at such an important event were over. I consulted with my team physician as well as the physical therapists at Athletic PT and came up with a short term solution. The expertise of everyone at Athletic PT helped me rehab my knee to a level that allowed me to compete at the World Cup while being injured. After the tournament, I was able to have a successful surgery and more importantly a rehabilitation program set up by the team at Athletic PT. I couldn't say enough about their knowledge and care for each of their patients."

Peter Carruthers
Ice Skater

"After years of competitive skating, my knee finally gave out. I needed surgery to remove a torn cartilage. I soon found out that rehab would be a very important part of my recovery. The staff at Athletic PT took me step by step through the rehabilitation process until my knee was completely recovered. Now, I’m back to my regular exercise and fitness routine which keeps me in shape and active for my new career as a skating analyst for ABC Sports."

Dave Weckl
Professional Drummer

"Athletic PT is full of caring, knowledgeable, professional people that take pride in what they do. It's not common these days to find a team of people that REALLY know what they are doing as far as the way the body works, and how to fix it if it's not quite working correctly! The most serious physical therapy I've ever been involved in."

Marvel Smith
NFL Player

"As a Left Tackle who has played in the NFL for 10 years, I have done more than my share of exercise and training. After having spine surgery, Athletic PT helped me recover and get me back to top condition. Thanks for all your help and expertise. "

Audley Harrison
Audley Harrison
Professional Boxer

"Athletic PT showed me a very high standard of care and level of professionalism that made the difference for my recovery. I was able to return to boxing and compete at the highest level thanks to the rehab specialists."

Vitali Klistcho
Professional Boxer

"After a long boxing career I didn't want to give up because of injury and felt I could still be World Champion. Thanks to the team at Athletic PT, I was able to recover completely from my injury and return to compete for the IBO and WBC title. Thanks Athletic PT!"

Eric Wynalda
Professional Soccer

"Playing for the US Men's National Team for many years, I developed chronic injuries that needed surgery. Steve Clark knew how to push me as fast as possible back to soccer while at the same time hold me back from over training. His stretching and exercises were much more advanced than other PTs I've seen and I believe this helped me return sooner."

Kim Nakamura
Ironman Finisher

"Thank you and your staff for getting me to the starting line of Ironman Coeur D'Alene in one piece and injury free...I became a first time ironman yesterday!! Also my first marathon. I came off the bike in 18th and ran through 11 girls to grab 7th in my age group! My leg and body held up great and felt way better than expected throughout."