Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy

in Simi Valley

At Athletic Physical Therapy, we connect leading physical
therapists with patients ready for recovery in the Simi Valley,
Moorpark and Thousand Oaks areas.

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    Our Physical Therapy Services in Simi Valley

    We take a personalized approach to physical therapy for every patient, ensuring they can accomplish their recovery goals quickly and effectively.
    Professional and amateur athletes can return to their sport faster with physical therapy that incorporates phase IV and phase V exercises.
    Seniors learn how to avoid falls and stay active through our fall prevention programs focused on mobility and balance.
    Discover how to stay balanced, improve your swing and play golf with more accuracy and distance with our specialized golf performance training.
    Sign up for an Athletic Physical Therapy workshop to identify whether you’re at risk for injuries that could potentially slow down—or disrupt—your life.

    About Athletic PT in Simi Valley

    In Simi Valley, Moorpark, and Thousand Oaks, we pride ourselves on being active. So where should we turn when we suffer an injury that slows us down? 

    At Athletic Physical Therapy, we’re proud to be the physical therapy provider of choice for our region. We offer both early and late appointments to help residents overcome an array of orthopedic and sports medicine injuries.

    With more than 2,000 square feet of treatment and exercise space alongside the latest equipment, we can strengthen any athlete and help any resident recover. We specialize in manual therapy treatments where Doctors of Physical Therapy actually spend time with you, listen to you and put their healing hands on your injury.

    Here are just a few of the ways we help Simi Valley get back to doing what they love:

    Sports Injuries
    Our area boasts student athletes who compete hard, from teams at Grace Brethren to Simi Valley High School. When student athletes get hurt, though, we step in to help them rehabilitate safely. Since younger athletes need to recover from injury fully to avoid future complications, we work closely with middle school, high school and college-age competitors on a variety of physical therapy needs. From neck, knee and shoulder injuries to spinal, ankle and foot pain, we’re here to help student athletes return to their sport with strength and stability.
    Running and Cycling Injuries
    Simi Valley and surrounding communities have access to hundreds of miles of bike paths, running trails, and hiking routes. That’s why we’re known for our active lifestyle, whether that’s trail running in the Santa Monica Mountains or mountain biking in Palo Comado Canyon. Yet these same outdoor pursuits that we love can also lead us to injury. When area residents struggle with fractures, sprains, muscle injuries, and accidents, they turn to Athletic Physical Therapy for compassionate, effective care.
    On The Job and Workers’ Compensation Injuries

    We’re proud to be a member of managed care networks that help treat injured workers from workplaces across our region. If you’re injured on the job, we’ll work closely with your case manager or adjuster to help you get the authorization necessary to fully rehabilitate your injury and return you to work when you are capable.

    We specialize in the treatment of fire and police department employees in Simi Valley and surrounding communities. We treat these patients like athletes due to the high demand they place on their bodies. After all, you can’t get back to your job if you are not pain-free and physically fit to carry heavy ladders and hoses or handle altercations.

    The Athletic PT Approach

    We approach physical therapy the way we believe our friends and neighbors deserve: with a focus on personalized, custom care that’s designed for each individual. To do so, we use a unique program called the Active Rehabilitation Continuum (ARC), designed by our founder Dr. Stephen Clark. This three-stage program helps patients recover by:
    • Immediately managing pain, inflammation and relevant symptoms that patients first experience when they visit Athletic Physical Therapy
    • Collaborating with patients using a hands-on method that increases their strength and flexibility
    • Helping patients to regain their past performance and—in many cases—go beyond it
    We’re here to help you get back on your feet and return to the activities that make your life rich and fulfilling. From outdoor adventures to everyday tasks, we want you to live a pain-free and active life. If you’re struggling with injury, limited mobility, or other movement-related symptoms, please reach out today for help.
    You can reach us directly at
    805-306-1622 to schedule a consultation.
    We are in network with almost every major insurance plan.

    Hablamos Español

    We believe everyone should be welcome at Athletic Physical
    Therapy, so many of our physical therapists are bilingual. This helps
    us serve all members of our community.