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Physical Therapy Car Accident and Personal Injury Liens



When you’re injured in an accident, recovery can be a long, challenging road. Looking down that road and trying to envision yourself after you’ve made a recovery can be daunting and sometimes, even discouraging. But you’ve got a team of supporters behind you, and that team includes your Oxnard personal injury attorney.  If your doctor doesn’t refer you to a physical therapist to complete your recovery, your lawyer can. And if you’re concerned about paying for your physical therapy out of pocket, talk to your lawyer about that, too. Because the physical therapy is directly related to your injury, you can pursue compensation for its cost through your personal injury claim.

There is no guarantee you’ll recover the compensation you seek, but by providing clear evidence that shows your injury was directly caused by the negligent party’s actions and that the physical therapy is necessary for your recovery, you can ideally justify your claim for the compensation and recover as much money as you need. Your lawyer can walk you through this process in greater detail.


Physical therapy is a multifaceted treatment plan that incorporates the following to relieve pain and improve the patient’s flexibility, strength, and range of motion.  These are the 5 reasons why you need physical therapy after a car accident because they will help you recover in the shortest period of time:

  • Soft Tissue Massage;
  • Therapeutic Exercise;
  • Heat and Cold therapy;
  • Stretching; and
  • Ultrasound therapy.

Additionally, physical therapy can involve teaching the patient how to use assistive devices like a cane or walker. It can also be used to help a patient become comfortable using crutches and other assistive devices. Usually, patients are given “homework” exercises to do on days between sessions with the physical therapist. These exercises continue to build the patient’s strength and improve his or her flexibility and range of motion.


Every patient has unique physical therapy needs, so there is really no good way to answer this question. Depending on your injury and other factors like your age, fitness level, and the severity of the injury, you might only need a few sessions or you might need to attend physical therapy sessions for months. Before you begin treatment, ask your physical therapist how many sessions he or she thinks you will need to fully recover from your injury. As you make progress in your treatment, he or she may adjust it to add more sessions or remove sessions, depending on your progress pace.


Your surgery, medication, and any other medical care you receive will correct your injury. Physical therapy will bring you back to the physical state you were in before you were injured – or at least as close to it as you can possibly be after becoming partially disabled. Think of physical therapy as part of your recovery regimen, not additional or “extra” treatment that exists outside it. Your doctor can explain to you exactly how the physical therapy you receive will enable your injured body part to recover.

Physical Therapy Liens in Westlake Village, Simi Valley, Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Oak Park, Santa Monica, West Los Angeles and the surrounding communities are considered when we speak with the patient’s attorney.

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