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Athletic Physical Therapy takes pride in having the best trained and educated physical therapists in the Los Angeles, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades and Malibu areas. FREE PARKING

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    Our Physical Therapy Services in West Los Angeles

    Physical Therapy

    We get you back to feeling 100% using custom physical therapy treatments and advanced physical therapy techniques.

    Sports Rehabilitation

    Heal like a pro with aggressive hands on therapy and high end phase IV and phase V return to sport exercises.

    Balance and Fall Prevention

    Stay active and healthy with our fall prevention program designed for seniors who want to stay mobile and active.

    About Athletic PT West Los Angeles

    We offer FREE PARKING, showers, and early and late physical therapy appointments to successfully rehabilitate all types of orthopedic and sports medicine injuries for residents in the Santa Monica, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, and Los Angeles neighborhoods.

    Living so close to the Santa Monica Mountains and Santa Monica Bay, there are many people who sustain injuries that require orthopedic assessment of the spine, neck, knee, shoulder, hip, feet and elbows.

    Cycling and Bike Riding Injuries

    Mountain bikers grinding it up the hill in granny gear over loose packed “Dirt” Mulholland have many types of lower body conditions from knee strain and tendinitis to low back pain.

    Mountain biking on this well known Los Angeles trail above the city covers 7.7 miles of unpaved terrain and completes Mulholland Drive that runs from the 101 freeway west across the Santa Monica Mountains, passes North of the Pacific Palisades and ends at the Pacific Coast Highway near Leo Carrillo State Park in Malibu.

    Going downhill on a mountain bike is equally if not more dangerous where biking injuries can lead to traumatic upper body injuries like shoulder separations, shoulder dislocations, fractured collar bones, wrists fractures, elbow tendinitis and hand pain or numbness.

    For those weekend warriors and cycling enthusiasts who prefer the road, Athletic Physical Therapy can alleviate painful conditions from cycling injuries for the neck and back like herniated discs, sciatica, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, hip bursitis, iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome, patellofemoral syndrome and a host of other overuse injuries of the lower back, legs, hips and knees.

    Some of Santa Monica’s and West Los Angeles’ favorite cycling spots are on the famous Pacific Coast Highway from Venice Beach, past the Pacific Palisades and up 26 more miles through the star studded homes of Malibu.

    Cyclists enjoy areas that are relatively flat but can be dangerous to road bikers due to the high volume of traffic on twisting and turning roads. Road bike riders who are recovering from cycling injuries can start on this more gradual course and then build up their hill climbing endurance in the numerous canyons in Brentwood, Pacific Palisades and Malibu that lead up 2500+ feet into the Santa Monica Mountains.

    Running and Jogging Injuries

    Marathon, 10k and 5k runners experience injuries to the feet, ankles knees and back as forces from the road travel up through the body and cause muscle imbalance, tendinitis, stress fractures, shin splints and many lower body injuries.

    Whether you’re running along the 26 mile Santa Monica Bike Path or huffing and puffing up the famous but dreaded Santa Monica stairs your legs, hips and feet will take a beating. Look at some statistics for the 2 different staircases.

    7th St stairs lead to Entrada Drive and consists of wood and concrete steps. If you count all the Santa Monica stairs there are 160-170 steps resulting in a vertical change of about 109 feet or about 8 stories. These stairs have more ground reaction forces because there are more steps per vertical feet and can be harder on the joints.

    4th Street stairs lead to Ocean Avenue and consists of only concrete stairs totaling 187-189 steps resulting in a vertical change of about 111 feet again about an 8 story climb. This means these stairs are harder on the muscles because each step is taller.

    No wonder patients develop all types of running injuries as they pound up and down these concrete steps. But that is why we are here because we love to workout just as hard as you.

    Don’t forget that you are less likely to get injured jogging the 8 mile grassy median strip on San Vicente Blvd running from Brentwood towards Santa Monica. This is a good place to start putting in some base mileage to strengthen your leg muscles and avoid re-injury before increasing speed and hill running.

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