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In the physical therapy profession, we concern ourselves with functional movements. Essentially functional movement is our ability (or inability) to move our bodies in space, against gravity, for daily activities.  Activities of daily living (ADL) like standing, climbing stairs, walking, getting in and out of the car and all the movements that almost all of us do on a regular basis and we as a culture consider to be needed ...


Overweight? There are 5 Diet Tricks You MUST Know

When I was growing up my dad told me he had a balanced diet. “One chocolate chip cookie in one hand and one chocolate chip cookie in the other hand. That’s a balanced diet!” That was my introduction into nutrition and how to eat right.  Since then I’ve learned many things about nutrition and diet. But there are five simple truths about diet and I want to share it with ...


ACL Injury? You’re Not Alone

If you tore your ACL, you’re not alone. ACL injuries are common for males and females, young and middle aged, professional or recreational athletes in just about every sport. HOW MANY ACL INJURIES OCCUR EVERY YEAR IN THE USA? It's estimated that approximately 200,000 ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries occur in the United States every year. This number is likely an underestimate, as many ACL injuries go untreated or unreported. ...

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