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Our proprietary program delivers ADVANCED
physical therapy treatments with CUSTOM
physical therapy programs in Westlake Village,
Simi Valley, and Los Angeles

Our founder, Dr. Stephen Clark, PT, DPT, MHS, OCS, MBA, spent more than 20 years developing the Active Rehabilitation Continuum (ARC) in order to expedite the rehabilitation process. The ARC program, which is based on scientifically proven healing times, allows you to achieve your maximum strength, flexibility, and speed in the shortest amount of time possible.
Unlike traditional physical therapy programs, the Active Rehabilitation Continuum uses irritability factors to determine the right time to adjust and accelerate the rehabilitation process. ARC allows our physical therapists to identify and address specific challenges that can hinder your healing time. This allows you to move past basic levels of rehabilitation and accomplish more profound physical therapy goals.

ARC does this by moving you through 3 different stages of rehabilitation:

  • Stage 1 focuses on reducing inflammation and pain
  • Stage 2 empowers individuals to increase their flexibility and strength
  • Stage 3 emphasizes restoring power and performance.

The ARC program has helped thousands of people reduce pain, strengthen their bodies, and regain their independence.
ARC has even been featured on the cover of Rehab Magazine.

Why Choose a Doctor of PT?

In addition to relieving pain, physical therapists help strengthen the body, increase flexibility, and enhance performance. Working with a certified physical therapist with a doctorate of physical therapy can also help boost your self-esteem and confidence.

In addition, certified physical therapists:

  • Provide in-depth treatment. When you need in-depth treatment for an injury or mobility challenge, you should visit a highly trained physical therapist who will have the relevant experience and expertise to help you.
  • Have extensive knowledge about the body. Physical therapy education includes post-doctorate and HVLA certificate programs which go beyond other disciplines, such as the training received by most chiropractors.
  • Use a wide range of active treatments to help rehabilitate the body. While soft tissue massage and other passive forms of treatment can help with pain, they don’t focus on increasing your strength and coordination. Our physical therapists are highly trained in soft tissue mobilization, neuromuscular rehabilitation, and other active forms of recovery that decrease pain and inflammation while increasing strength, flexibility, power, performance, and coordination.

Injury Prevention Workshops

Experiencing an injury can cause pain, disrupt your daily routine, hinder your independence, and force you to change your lifestyle. Our injury risk assessment workshops can help you determine your risk of injury and provide you with personalized expert recommendations on how to avoid injuries.

Whether you’re a young person looking to avoid a sports injury, an adult hoping to avoid unexpected physical pain, or a senior looking to prevent a fall, our prevention workshops can help you reduce your risk of injury and continue to live an active life. We help people, regardless of their age, ethnicity, or gender, return to their daily activities after accidents, falls, and unexpected injuries.
Come experience the ARC difference.