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Oct, 2019

7 Breathing Tips That Can Be Used During Rehab

Breathing is just about as vital to workouts as workouts are to your health. Be it simple nose breathing or an assortment of expert breathing exercises, there is little disagreement amongst experts or doubt among the masses about the benefits of it. Despite bearing such importance, we often pay such little attention to it and take it for granted that we don’t even realize we’re doing it improperly. We don’t even realize there is a proper way to do it. The amount and quality…




Aug, 2015

3 Stretches Dancers Need to Avoid Injury

Promote Better Turnout with These 3 Stretches to Avoid a Hip Injury

It’s important that the young dancer acquaint herself with safe ways to achieve an efficient turnout. Proper turnout should be achieved with good pelvic alignment and strong core stability.




Sep, 2014

Announcement to our Fans, Patients and Followers

Athletic Physical Therapy is excited to announce an updated and easier to use website for all of our fans, patients and followers. Our goal is to bring to you the latest in physical therapy news and advice to help you stay healthy and of course pain-free.

Physical therapy has been shown to be helpful for all types of conditions without the need for surgery or medications. All it takes is your motivation and our expertise to get you back to your game.

The new website…