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Oct, 2014

The Incredible Hulk Fights Heel Pain

Many people have foot pain. It is usually a nagging, burning feeling on the bottom of the heel. The question I was asked was “Does the size of my foot make a difference in my heel pain?”

In order to answer that question, let’s take a look at a treatment on one of the biggest and best known feet: The Incredible Hulk fights Heel Pain.

Watch the video here 




Sep, 2014

Which type of physical therapy recovery is best: The tortoise or the hare?

Learn if it’s better to push through the pain or listen to your body when recovering from an injury.

Andrew ignored the pain when he stretched and was determined to get back to kickboxing sooner than anyone else after a partial hip replacement.

Mia heard something pop in her shoulder when she fell.  In physical therapy, as soon as she felt pain, she would put her arm back down.

Which one of these patients, Andrew or Mia, will recover the quickest in physical therapy? The answer…




Sep, 2014

Announcement to our Fans, Patients and Followers

Athletic Physical Therapy is excited to announce an updated and easier to use website for all of our fans, patients and followers. Our goal is to bring to you the latest in physical therapy news and advice to help you stay healthy and of course pain-free.

Physical therapy has been shown to be helpful for all types of conditions without the need for surgery or medications. All it takes is your motivation and our expertise to get you back to your game.

The new website…